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Degree thesis and degree favours

Binding a degree thesis is one of the most important parts of Italian bookbinding, and FB Bookbinding is located in one of the biggest university city of North Italy.

Projects of grad students are highly customisable thanks to the large selection of materials, colours and the different designs for each model, from the “Classic Flexible” for the Secretariat to the prestigious Personal Thesis. The bindery offers services for casing CDs and also tubes for the preservation of the degree certificate.

Specifical projects are consulted together with the grad student with assistance from the crafter for final design and product.

All the degrees are sewn by hand, making them strong and durable in time; in addition, the leather models are gold tooled by hand, to make them even more luxurious.

With all our services, the Bindery has a selection of degree favours with unique ideas, like the famous miniature books or a micro degree replica.

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