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Artistic bookbinding and custom projects

FB Bookbinding specialises in French style luxury bindings, including a large selection of techniques suited for high-quality books, such as hand gold tooling, edge decoration with 24K gold leaf, leather mosaic, and also wooden inlay and other decorative techniques.

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The Bindery welcomes customers with specific design needs and will help find solutions for their precious books, providing skills, accuracy and precision.

We offer also advice in publishing projects for print runs or even a single copy. The Bindery offers services suitable for editors, collectors and private individuals: one of the most special and interesting aspects of Bookbinding is to explore the different possibilities of Book in all its different configurations – that’s why we love the designing phase and collaborating with the customer.

If you have a project, a secret idea, be our guest in the Bindery or contact us. We will provide all the skill, knowledge and experience to help you make it real!

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