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Notebooks, journals, diaries

Even if we’re living in the technological era, blank pages in a new diary always have a special power of attraction. Writers, thinkers, also lettering artists: notebooks, journals and diaries are designed and made specifically to offer the perfect writing surface.

Inside the shop of the Bindery you will find a large selection of diaries and journal, lined, checkered, with blank pages both ivory both white ice colored, of notebooks for pochettes and pockets, and also notepads for professionists that wish to stand out in every meeting.

The Bindery provides a huge selection of sizes, created with care on details to make sure they’ll be the best suited to the customer’s needs. The technique used is “classic folder style binding”, “case-in binding” and even the “Coptic style” binding, an historical model of binding which is adapted to modern times and that allows an opening at 180° degrees, with a perfetly flat writing surface, perfect for those whit a lot to write down and no time to waste!

All journals, notebooks and diaries can be personalized with choices among size, materials and also with printed details, as a quote, a dedication or even the initials of the customer.

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