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Daily planners

Daily plannaers are timeless, from the miniatures to big sizes for Hotels and B&Bs. Each year FB Bookbinding take on the customers’s commissions to create special planners, each one unique and customized, mixing up techniques and materials for a top quality collection.

Available in more than 13 different sizes, daily planners are a classic gift suitable for all occasions,and it’s easy to personalise them.

Each planners is make upon request and you can even find some samples in the Bindery’s showroom, presented on perpetual agendas. Customers can choose freely their own models, designs, materials (including cloth, decorated papers, biogreen line, leather), combine them and even play with layers. It’s also possible to add details in gold, silver or colored foil, hot printed with the name, logo or a quote, to maximize the customization. 

The Bindery accept orders from public agencies or professionals for medium size orders with their graphics or designs.

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